At ASADI we offer a Five year Bachelor Degree in Architecture. During this period we expose them to the History of Art and Architecture, to Designing and Drafting, to freehand Sketching and Computer Aided Designs, to Structural Design, other Building Services and to the Construction of Buildings; and also to Mathematics, Sociology and Art with their applications in Architecture.

The course is imparted through the ancient system of Gurukula, where individual attention is assured and each student will have a single "Mentor ‘' all through his education at ASADI.

At ASADI, we strongly believe that each aspiring architect needs to be moulded in the manner he himself looks forward to. We in our school propose to attach great emphasis on this aspect, thus ensuring that every student who passes out from our institution will be a proponent of his own school of thought.

We also truly believe that architectural education cannot be a subject that can just be taught in an enclosed classroom. Architecture, rather, needs to be experienced.

ASADI's initiative would be to create such Architectural experience, rather than just teaching in a class room.

The OBJECTIVES of this programme are:

  • To provide high quality educational opportunity for graduates in Architecture,
  • To ensure that our graduates are fully versed in sustainable design principles, and possess the ability to undertake rigorous analysis of their buildings design proposals
  • To be able to turn architecture concept designs into fully documented and realizable buildings structures
  • To train our graduates in life-cycle analysis, to support their designs with credible estimates of performance
  • To ensure that our graduates possess an ethical, socially aware, and a responsible approach to their practice of Architecture;