ASADI Board of Studies


ASADI Board of Studies

For three decades Renu, Sharukh and their team have practiced “natural” architecture, constantly innovating to include every known sustainable means to strive towards an ever lighter footprint.

Known for his integrity and inspirational leadership, Sharukh’s tireless endeavour towards holistic architecture takes its inspiration from his keen observation of man’s interaction with nature.

Known also for his talks which he does a lot of – Sharukh likes to take his audience on a journey of creative exploration.

Despite running a diverse practice, ranging from tsunami and earthquake rehabilitation in India and now Nepal, SOS children’s villages to giant exhibition centers, and campuses engaged in rural education, the Mistry team’s interactions with their clients, the earth on the site, the project managers and contractors, the trees, and the laborer’s children make it unmistakably clear that Sharukh’s architecture definitely has a heart.