Bindhi Rajagopal

Assistant Professor

Artist Bindhi Rajagopal is an Indian Painter.  She did her Graduation from R L V College of Fine Arts, Kerala. Qualified Master in Fine Arts from reputed University in Mysore.
She has won the State Award for  the Painting “ Ring of Constellation” in the year 2010 and State Award for the Installation “I want to fly like a bird” in the year 2014 from Kerala Government. Her art works are in collection with Government, National, International and private sectors.

She has been our Faculty handling subjects Visual Arts, Basic Design, Interior Design and Artifacts for the last five years and is backed by more than 25 years experience in art field and 16 years of teaching experience. She has also participated in International art shows and Art Fairs at India, Dubai, Indonesia. Other than this she is an art curator, who has organized lot of National Art Exhibitions, Art Events and Art Camps. She guides her students with the confidence that art makes a unique contribution to society by offering a visual language of expression and investigation. Art plays an important role in expanding the public imagination by engaging viewers in visual and intellectual dialogue. Through the synergistic relationship between the visual arts and the architecture at Asian school of Architecture and Design innovations, supporting the students to participate in the larger intellectual, political and social life of the community developing a Green building Concept in mind.