ASADI Board of Studies

Dr. David Mark Liefer

Co- Chairman, ASADI Board of Studies

Dr. David Leifer is a Registered Architect, an Incorporated Engineer and a Director of a small Facilities Management Company in Australia. He specializes in FM as a result of his Post Doctoral interest in the application of computers to running large and complex buildings. He is Director of the Graduate Programmes in Facilities Management and in Building Services in the Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, University of Sydney.

Dr. David Leifer studied Architecture at the University of Wales, UK where, in the early days of computing he also learned to program. He was given a job in the University‚Äôs Live Project Office where he worked on the design and thermal modelling of solar heated school buildings. After working as an Architect in London, he returned to University in Aberdeen where he researched into Computer Aided Design, for which he was awarded his Doctorate.  He is a Past Chairman of the NZ Chapter of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and a Past Board Member of the International Facility Management Association of Australia.

He has taught at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow  (1984-86) and in Schools of Architecture at the Universities of Queensland(1986-93) and Aukland (1993-2000).

His thought about ASADI- "Architecture is a blend of both Art and Science. Traditionally, Architectural Education in India is more heavily biased towards its 'Engineering' content. ASADI is aiming to redress this imbalance".