Ramanujam R

Director - Allied Subjects

Er. R. Ramanujam earned his Masters in Environmental Engineering with a 2nd Rank from Anna University, Chennai. He is a Gold Medallist from Jodhpur University, Rajasthan for his Post Graduate Diploma in Ground Water Engineering. He did his BSc Engineering – Mechanical from Kerala University.

He has worked in Kerala Water Authority in Water Supply and Sewerage Sector for 29 years in various capacities such as Asst. Engineer, Asst. Executive Engineer and Executive Engineer, Superintending Engineer, Chief Engineer etc in Planning, Investigation. Design, Execution, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, Management etc. of Water Supply and Sewerage Schemes and Projects of Kerala, Total Project Management, Contract Management, Implementation, Technical, Operational, Administrative and Financial Control etc. of World Bank, J.B.I.C, DFID, UC, NABARD, HUIDCO Central and State aided and assisted projects, Construction of Peppara Dam, Water Treatment Plants, S,T,Ps , Pump Houses, Reservoirs, laying pipes, office buildings, quarters, roads, check darns etc. He was Managing Director, Technical Member of Kerala Water Authority, Administrative, Technical, Operational, Maintenance and Management, Control of Kerala Water Authority-Policy and Decision Making, Financial Control and Management, Chief Executive of Kerala Water Authority.

He was Team Leader- African Development Bank/ U.S aided Water Supply and Sewerage Projects for Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe for the Implementation, Execution, Rehabilitationand Commissioning of Water supply and Sewerage projects for various parts of the country.

He is currently H.O.D of Public Health Engineering & Plumbing of the Consultancy Division of ASADI and consultant to various organizations.