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1. ASADI  International Board of Governors (IBOG) visited ASADI for a week long session from the 20th to the 27th of October 2019 . The members present were Prof. Chris Johnson (Australia), Dr. Davina Jackson (Australia), Dr. Adoor Gopalakrishnan (India),  Ambassador T.P Srinivasan( India), Prof. Sara Udina (Barcelona), and Special invitee, Dr. Sunil Dubey (Australia).This week long session comprised of presentations and workshops for the students of ASADI by the members of IBOG.
There was also a lecture series by IBOG members on the following topics with group activities:
1. Dr. Davina Jackson - Architecture and Data Cities: A new urban ethos from electromagnetic fluxes.
2. Dr. George Polson - Design and Data : Visual Representations 
3. Prof. Sara Udina - Sustainable  Urban Design
4. Dr. Sunil Dubey - Global Architecture Awareness
5. Dr. Chris Johnson - Urban Economics and Infrastructure Funding - Housing affordability
The group activity of students was based on  putting together a paper model of Guggenheim Museum by F L Wright that can be assembled by students working as a group to understand form and function.

During the week, there was a special screening of the award winning movie "Eli Pathayam" directed by the noted Cine Director, Mr. Adoor Gopalakrishnan. This was followed by discussions with the students on various aspects of the movie. 

Ambassador T. P Srinavasan regaled the students with various episodes on his experiences of working with some noted architects during his years as Ambassador of India.

On the 25th of October , there was a meeting of the members of IBOG to discuss various existing and future plans for ASADI.  

The ASADI IBOG week long session concluded with the harvesting of paddy crop of ASADI.