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The first faculty lunch meeting for the coming semester 2018-19 was organized today the 29th of June 2018 from 12.30 pm to 3 pm wherein faculty, both old and new, were updated and kept abreast with the academic policies of ASADI. All participants shared their thoughts on innovative teaching methodologies which can be adopted to achieve the vision and objectives of ASADI. Chairman of ASADI, Ar. Prof. B.R Ajit gave the pep talk to all faculty members regarding the ASADIAN plans to be not just the top in the country but to be noticed around the world for its academic excellence. Design Chair, Ar. Jayananda Kilikar, Vice Principal Ar. Prof. Fathim Rashna Kallingal and Dean, Ar. Prof. Dhanush Vayalambron elaborated further, the policies and plans of ASADI. Later, all faculty members shared their teaching plans and also their specific out-of-the –box ideas for the semester.