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Marivillu 2019

A camp for transpeople, "Marivillu 2019" organized by the Kerala Youth Welfare Board  for discussing issues faced by them along with a self-employment workshop, was held at ASADI from December 16th to 21st . It was inaugurated by Hon'ble MP, Sri. Hibi Eden. The painting workshop was inaugurated by noted artist Sri. T A Satyapal, Chairman of  Kerala Lalithakala Akademi and camp director  and at the end of the 3 day workshop, an exhibition of the paintings by the participants was inaugurated by  Adv. V. Saleem, GCDA Chairman.Papers on the problems faced by transpeople were presented by various individuals. There was also a one act play by A. Revathi, a vivacious transsexual woman activist and author, along with a drama by the participants. Some noted participants of the program were Sheethal Shyam, Activist and Journalist, Adithi Arundhathi, Activist, Vijayaraja Mallika, Poetess, Renju Renjimar, Make- up artist, Daya Gayathri, Activist, Ishaan, Businessman, Activist, Soorya Ishaan, Activist