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Re-opening day 2018-19 - General Meeting

The new semester  2018-19 re-opening day General Meeting of students with faculty and administration was held today, the 4th day of July 2018 at 10 am. The meeting was presided over by the Chairman & Director, Prof. Ar. B.R Ajit and was well attended by Senior Members of Management and Faculty including Mrs. Devi Ajit- Director, Finance, Prof. Ar. Jayanand Kilikar- Design Chair, Prof. Ar. Fathim Rashna Kallingal- Vice Principal, Prof. Ar. Dhanush Vayalambron – Dean, Prof. Smitha Sujith- Students’ Counselor, Mr. Prabosh-General Manager and Mr. Navaneeth- Students’ Union Chairman, besides the Students, Faculty and Management of ASADI.

After a prayer invoking the Divine, Chairman addressed the gathering, reiterating ASADI’s vision and mission. He also welcomed the new faculty who have recently joined ASADI as well as welcomed all the students. The new faculty members introduced themselves. Design Chair, Prof. Ar. Jayanand Kilikar spoke on the topic of general discipline in the campus.

Vice Principal, Prof. Ar. Fathim Rashna Kallingal, presented the plans for the semester, Design Studio Methodology and spoke about theme based studios.

Students’ Counselor Prof. Smitha Sujith spoke on general etiquette expected on the campus and emphasized on strict compliance with the “NO RAGGING” motto of ASADI.

Students’ Union Chairman, Mr. Navaneeth concluded the session with a vote of thanks and ensured full support to ASADI from the student body. He also announced the ASADI football team who won the TROPHY in the football tournament held during the Inter College Fest ARCH NOVA organized by IES. Chairman announced a cash prize to all team members amid great applause.