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RVS , Chennai & ASADI , Kochi



From 29th July 2019 to 3rd August 2019, ASADI conducted a collaborative studio project- “The Child and The City”- Vertical Studio.

 The participants were students from RVS Chennai & ASADI in an exchange program between RVS & ASADI where in 19 students from ASADI went to RVS and 22 students from RVS came to ASADI. Students from both colleges visited some major areas in their respective cities to make it child-friendly.

Child and the City’ is a studio initiative designed to re-imagine a role change of the city’s responsibility for its children. The studio requires us to identify and design spaces in the current form of city to retrofit innovative designs for the urban fabric and to give new meaning to what the city means to a child.The aim of the studio is to look at major structures of the city in the built, un-built and streets and study the niches for children to reclaim their share of urban spaces.

The Collaborative studio was conducted as a six-day workshop that comprised of recce walks, field visits, expert lectures, interactive sessions, reviews, presentations etc.

The session commenced with the formal inauguration of the Collaborative Studio by Ar. B.R.Ajit, Chairman and Director of ASADI, who gave us an idea about the vision of ASADI in promoting similar exchange programs, to produce competent professionals with a passion for being useful to the society too. Mr. K.J. Sohan, Ex-Mayor, Kochi, who gave the keynote address, spoke about “putting the basics right” and creating secular spaces, which were adopted as the major themes of the studio.  Mr. R. Surendran, Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ernakulam, gave the special address advising us to  “Learn CA (Change Attitude) to become GA (Good Administrator)”.

The inaugural function was concluded by vote of thanks by Ar. Vipin S.R, Principal and Collaborative Studio Head, followed by the official start of the Collaborative Studio. The studio faculty team included Ar. Vipin S.R (Studio Head), Ar. Krishna Kumar, Ar. Prabhakaran, Ar. Emelda, Ar. Rajeev and Ar. Rebecca. We also had valuable inputs and guidance throughout the session, from senior expert professionals including our Chairman Ar. B.R. Ajit , Ar. S. Gopakumar, Ar. Elizabeth Philip (Former Town Planner, GCDA), Ar. Ajith Vyas (Urban Designer).

The six day programme culminated in a cultural event, “Vanakkam Chennai”, organized by students of ASADI, with active participation by the students from RVS also, which strengthened the bond between ASADI and RVS.